What the Heck Happened with Society?

There is a meme going around on social media that is too profane for me to post on here as this is a family friendly site, but I am sure you are all familiar with it.  It has a picture of a classic film star or musician next to one of someone (or something) that has gained popularity here in the 21st century.  The caption reads “Men (or Women) What the (bleep) Happened?”

It means to deliver the message that at one time we were classy people with classy taste, and these days…well, not so much.

Do you believe this is true? Or are we clinging to a romanticized view of what we think society was like in the decades before most of us came into being?

Society’s Fashion Sense

willy fritch in a newsboy cap

*sigh* Don’t even get me started, people. One of my favorite stars, Willy Fritsch, in a newsboy cap and BOW TIE. Kill me.

One thing is perfectly clear to me:  our fashion sense has gone way down hill in the past several decades.  In the 1920s, women scandalized “polite” society by showing a bit of knee.  The old Victorians who reprimanded young women for short hemlines would probably really throw a hissy if they saw half the stuff people go around wearing these days.

Anything goes in 21st century fashion.  And normally that means being as casual and comfortable as possible.  That is OK, I suppose, even though I do yearn for the days when men wore suits and ties. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I have a thing about bow ties, newsboy caps, and plus fours.  (Yes, plus fours definitely need to make a comeback.  They’re sexy.)

I’m a bit sick of seeing jeans and a t-shirt and messy hair.  “Bed head”  *BLEURGH*

Stupidity Has Become Socially Acceptable

Stupidity (Bad Manners album)

Stupidity (Bad Manners album. I love this band. :) ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While there is (unfortunately) nothing I can do about society’s taste in clothing, I do hope that I can do something to eradicate the ever-growing popularity of stupidity in this society.

It is one thing to be ignorant, but a whole other thing to be completely stupid.  Look at some of the most popular videos on YouTube.  They are usually of young people doing completely stupid (and often dangerous) stunts.  And every summer, people become engrossed in “reality” television, which is full of stupid people doing and saying stupid things for the world to see..and get rewarded for it with large cash prizes.

And it’s not just reality television that rewards people for stupidity.  It’s society in general.  When you hear of schools taking basic grammar lessons out of the curriculum, and see txt speak finding its way into term papers on a subject entirely researched on Wikipedia, then you start to worry that the size of the human brain might be shrinking.

I know this looks terribly pompous of me, but you know what?  I don’t care.  I just had to get this out of my system this morning, and I hope there is someone out there who will agree with me.  I’m sure I can find at least one or two people.

Is there anything else that annoys you about society?  What is it?  And how do you think we can go about changing it?

10 thoughts on “What the Heck Happened with Society?

  1. Jeff Mere

    WELL SAID SIR! It has slowly being eating at me as well the stupidity growth sweeping our world and why? because people seem to be humored by the stupidity of others. It seems possibly that it makes us feel better about ourselves rather than ACTUALLY working to become better! Just the other day I tested this; I have an incredible picture of my son who is in the army at boot camp! In the picture is his little brother and sister and they are all respectfully at attention and saluting each other! Wanted to see if people would take it viral; something of love, honor and respect! Not hardly! But post a picture of someone dressed ridiculous at Walmart and watch how many people take a second of their time to hit LIKE! We are encouraging it as a society as we are with all things deteriorating in our society! We may not be able to fix it alone but we can sure voice our opinions, while we are still able to! Thanks for stepping up!
    Jeff Mere recently posted…The Time is NOW!My Profile

  2. Donovan

    You are in luck with Jeff and I posting right after you today. Jeff and I have a major mission to do something about this “Idiocracy” (There is a fairly low budget movie that is highly inappropriate but also hits close to home by the same name). Your article is right on point and is a very good discourse on present-day society. The seeds were sown in previous generations for weight we have today. It wasn’t that things were better, we’re in a movement in this direction and have been for all of time. Now is the time to do it differently. It always has been. Let’s see what happens.
    Donovan recently posted…Now is the TimeMy Profile

    1. Angie Schaffer Post author

      I agree that this has been a long time coming. It was just more hidden for the sake of good taste back in the “good ol’ days”. With all the information we have access to in the 21st century, one would think we’d strive to evolve rather than devolve into God knows what.
      Angie Schaffer recently posted…What the Heck Happened with Society?My Profile

      1. Donovan

        Correction: I meant “what” not “weight” in my post. We can strive to evolve now, that is if there is evolution inwardly. Perhaps we keep sabotaging, blocking and cutting off our intrinsic nature?
        Donovan recently posted…Now is the TimeMy Profile

  3. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    I, for one, would not be in favor of ties and coats… I rebelled against that regimen when I was younger. (I actually charge clients more who demand that I come so attired.)
    But, I am appalled at the reality shows (mostly because that reality appalls me) and am generally repelled by what constitutes intelligence in certain circles. (The ones around the drain?)
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted…When a Contract is not…My Profile

  4. Ian Stuart

    I, for one, can’t stand seeing male TV presenters not wearing a tie. It really irks me, mainly because they’ve been given a perfectly-tailored and presumably very expensive suit and shirt to wear. I’ve been known to stand up and shout at the telly when Ant & Dec come on in bespoke three-pieces and no tie. There was something on “This Morning” (a morning magazine show over here) yesterday revealing the new “professional” summer fashion of wearing a suit jacket and tie with board shorts. Absolute ridiculousness. And golfers should be MADE to wear 1930s golf gear, mainly to stop them looking like they’ve been dressed by a colourblind mad scientist. Just look at Hugh Laurie’s Bertie Wooster or Mr. Toad from “The Wind In The Willows” when they’re playing golf!

  5. Shaun Hoobler

    I don’t understand the hate too. If that person wants to dress a certain way to express himself, then who are we to judge? As long as they’re not bound to self-destruction and not hurting others, it’s not our business.
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…secret recipes couponMy Profile


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