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4 Things You Can Learn from Gatsby’s Mistakes

The Great Gatsby (1926 film)

Lobby card for the first screen adaption of The Great Gatsby (1926) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

88 years ago today one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written was published.  I am speaking, of course, of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short novel The Great Gatsby.


The novel, set in 1922 Long Island, centers around the mystery and obsessive nature of one man, Jay Gatsby.  He is in love with a rich woman named Daisy Buchanan, whom he met while he was in the service during World War I.

After a brief affair, Daisy dumped him because he did not have the money and security she felt she deserved.  She chose to marry the rich and powerful Tom Buchanan instead.

Her marriage meant nothing to Jay Gatsby.  He set out to do everything he could to win her affection.  All the money he made, all the parties he threw, all the dreams he had—everything—was to impress her and make her fall in love with him.  He even took the blame for the hit and run that killed Tom Buchanan’s mistress, Myrtle Wilson.

Nothing but having Daisy mattered to him. Even if it meant going to jail for a crime she committed. Continue reading

Angie Schaffer

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