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3 Must-Reads By F. Scott Fitzgerald

F Scott Fitzgerald

L-R: F. Scotty Fitz, his only child, a daughter, “Scottie”, and wife Zelda Sayre

In case you didn’t know by now, F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite author.  Not only was he an amazing writer, but he was one of those figures in history that lived fast, died young(ish), and should have left a beautiful corpse (oh he was stunning to gawk at…even on bad hair days), but apparently the mortician didn’t do a very good job, slopping makeup everywhere. (Jerk!)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary works are known the world over for their heartbreakingly beautiful descriptions of one of the fastest decades in the 20th century—the 1920s.  And like most good writers, a lot of it (dare I say most of it) was based on his wild life with his wife Zelda Sayre. Continue reading