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Words That Will Tenderly Tear Your Heart Out

Cover of "Tender Is the Night"

Cover of Tender Is the Night

For many years I have been torn on whether I should consider Tender is the Night or The Great Gatsby as my all-time favorite novel.  Both were written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and both are masterpieces of the English language.

As I come from a fresh re-reading of Tender, I am definitely leaning toward it taking the place of my beloved Gatsby.  I almost feel dirty for even considering cheating on what has been my favorite novel for over 20 years…but Tender is the Night does something to me that Gatsby, nor any other book (fiction or nonfiction) can do…

It causes deep physical and emotional reactions in me that last for days after I have finished reading it.

It is that well-written. That touching. Continue reading

Angie Schaffer

Angie Schaffer is a silent film buff, art snob (she is really into Dada, Surrealism, and German Expressionism), social activist, and 1920s fanatic. She can talk your ear clean off about the Jazz Age.

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