January’s Jazziest Posts

Conrad Veidt and AngThe month has finally come to an end, my babies. And starting this month, at the end of each month, you will find a wrap-up of the month’s best posts.  A top five list.

The “best” posts, mind you, are not always the most popular ones, but rather my favorite ones.  And sometimes my favorite posts are the ones that have gotten little to no attention!

So what are January’s jazziest posts on The Little Jazz Baby?  This month it has been all about Conrad Veidt and German silent cinema for me.  I love those two  things more than life itself, and was totally excited to bring you content featuring these things (even if it was not as often as I would have liked!)

1. Conrad Veidt Was Different from the Others

This post about the life of German actor Conrad Veidt and his film Different from the Others was well received, and will probably remain one of my all-time favorite posts…just for the pictures of me and Connie alone!

2. Florian—The Tale of a Rentboy in Short Pants

The name of this post is after a character in the German Expressionist film Genuine, which stars Fern Andra in the title role.  The film is pretty crappy overall (some people have emailed me and told me that I am way too hard on it), but the character of Florian, played by German actor Hans Heinrich von Twardowski is classic hair styling madness.

3. Beloved King Louis, XI

Poor Louis.  This is probably the most ignored post on my blog, but I am partial to it because I am partial to the character and, of course, to Conrad Veidt who portrayed him.  The character is scene stealing king of France, Louis, XI in the John Barrymore picture The Beloved Rogue, a loose adaption of the life of poet and occasional criminal François Villon.

4. Faust and the Battle Between Good and Evil

This post took me forever to write, but I think the result is quite good.  It is about the 1926 film adaption of Faust, Goethe’s classic tale about selling one’s soul to the devil and the consequences of such a sale.

5. Before There Was 007, There Was No 326

This is one of my most recent posts about German actor Willy Fritsch, who became extremely popular in the 1930s with his sugary sweet fluff series of flickers with Lilian Harvey…*gag*.  This is not about those movies; it focuses on Willy’s capabilities as a fine dramatic actor in a spy thriller called Spione (English: Spies) from 1928.

And that’s all, folks!  Those are the top five jazziest posts for January, 2013 on The Little Jazz Baby.  Today not only marks the end of the month, but also the end of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which I was supposed to take part in, but soon realized that I could not manage a post every day.  I only fell 21 posts short of the goal! Ha!

If you participated in the challenge, did you succeed in posting every day?

If you did not participate, but are a blogger who wandered over here from someplace else, what are some of your favorite posts on your own blog in January?

What’s coming up on LJB in February?  I was going to post about music all month, but after receiving some positive feedback about my film posts, I have decided to continue on with those for another month. Get ready, my babies, more German film stars (including my beloved Conrad Veidt) are on the way for the next 28 days!

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5 thoughts on “January’s Jazziest Posts

    1. Angie Schaffer Post author

      Looking at my blog, it almost seems that I took the whole bloody month off. LOL! I didn’t realize I had posted so little. Hmm. Oh well. I think, for the most part, that what I did post was informative and valuable in one way or another.

    1. Angie Schaffer Post author

      I will definitely have to check them out, Janice.

      Putting together detailed, well researched posts IS definitely hard work! Great job getting 31 posts in AND doing all that work.


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